Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MTC Week 5

My week's been pretty dandy.  Elder Cook and his wife came and spoke to us yesterday,  T'was awesome.  I'm almost disappointed to be leaving the MTC next week because those who are here for two maybe three weeks longer than us get to sing in the choir for the Mission President's seminar thing, so they'll get to listen to a bucket load of Apostles.  I have indeed been able to host.  In fact I've hosted twice now, but not for regular missionaries.  We were assigned to host for the senior couples these last two weeks, so that was quite exciting.  

Also this week my two Untersuchers, Reiner und Jens both committed to taufen lassen!  (English words are hard to remember--be baptized)  Too bad they're not real people.  Well they are, they're just not.  Anyway, it's a party.

I should be able to call you from the airport.  We have to leave here at 4:30 in the morning; it's great.  I should have enough time to call you while I'm at the Salt Lake Airport around 6:00 or 7:00, but I might have to wait and do it during the four hour lay-over in Dallas.  Should be exciting.

Keep on having a party!
Vieler Leibe!

continuing e-mail conversation:
Shaneen:  Do you know what time you'll be in Dallas?  Do you know the Flight numbers?  Do you fly straight to Frankfurt from Dallas or stop somewhere in between?

Isaac:  I don't remember exactly, but we're on American Airlines, you might be able to figure it out from that.  I want to say we land in Dallas about 12:00 their time, but I wouldn't swear to that.  Dallas is indeed our only layover, so that's nice at least.  The Berliners have to fly to Seattle, then to Amsterdam and then to Berlin.  Poor kids.  But there are only six of them, so it's okay.

S:   I'm surprised it's American.  I thought the church always used Delta for missionaries.

I:  The Berliners are on Delta.  I suspect they don't have an easy way to get to Frankfurt so they use American instead, but I don't actually know.

S:  I am excited for you!  Have fun on that very long flight.

I:  And with no television.

S:  I wondered if they would let you watch the movies and TV on the flight.  What can you do to entertain yourselves on the way?  I guess there are enough of you that you can entertain each other.

I:  Nope, no worldly things like movies.  Also, while there will be 22 of us on the plane, we will not be seated together, so we have to entertain ourselves by reading from our library and trying to sneakily bring up the gospel to our fellow passengers.

S:  Sounds like fun.  Hopefully you have a kind and receptive seatmate.

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