Monday, April 11, 2016

Germany Week 95

Dear Mum,

This week was pretty great. Sh- and Sa- did indeed end up getting baptized and that was an awesome experience. They were both so ready. Throughout the whole program Sa- kept thanking us and then after his confirmation on Sunday he continued to do so. Sh- also invited his sister and her family and they all really seemed to enjoy it and feel the spirit. They came to the baptism and the confirmation and stayed for all of church and they seem really interested, so hopefully stuff happens with that.

Yay! From left to right: me, Sh-, H-, Sa-, Elder Davis
In other news this week, transfers happened. Nothing too exciting there. I'm staying with Elder Davis here in Bonn, like we thought. It was pretty funny though because most of the people in the district thought I was going home, so when they found out I was staying they were a little confused. So that was amusing.

Well, I can't think of anything else exciting, so have a great week!

Love you more!!!

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