Monday, March 28, 2016

Germany Week 93

Dear Mum,

This week was kind of a blur. I feel like it just gets more and more like that as the weeks go by. They're all basically the same anyway.

The best part of the week was definitely Sunday though. In Sacrament Meeting the bishop asked Z and R to come up and bear their testimonies. So they came up and bore their testimonies in Persian and then H translated it into German. Their testimonies were pretty simple, but the Spirit was super strong, it was awesome. Probably my favorite part was when Z was talking and talked about how when we first asked him to read and pray about The Book of Mormon he was mostly just a little weirded out, but then he did it and he received an answer and now knows that it's true. Couldn't ask for anything more than that. Then after church Bishop then interviewed Z for the priesthood and H gave him a white shirt and tie so he can pass the sacrament and stuff. It's so exciting!

Anyway, that was my week.
Love you more!!!

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